The beatification of John Paul II

The beatification of John Paul II

1st of May this year in the Vatican on Sunday of Divine Mercy, holiday established by Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI beatified his predecessor. For the first time for over 1000 years the Pope beatified his immediate predecessor.

This day in many places around the world held ceremonies related to the beatification of John Paul II. In Poland main celebrations took place in Wadowice, the Pope’s hometown. In Krakow, where he studied, received priestly ordinations, became bishop, Archbishop of Krakow, and then a cardinal. Celebrations also took place in Warsaw and Zakopane and other Polish cities.

In Krakow, we could attend the beatification ceremonies first of all in Łagiewniki, where is the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy and where gathered many pilgrims from many parts of the Poland. In the Sanctuary masses were held throughout all the day, at 10 am we could watch live broadcast of the beatification mass from Vatican on the big screens. In Łagiewniki gathered many pilgrims and even heavy rain during the broadcast from Rome didn’t scare anyone. Also at the Market Square we could watch mass in the Vatican. However at 20:00 on the Market took place a thanksgiving concert “I’m coming back to you. Blessed John Paul II” on the occasion of beatification of  Servant of God. In the city also held a lot of events accompanying main ceremonies.

Only 6 years after the death of John Paul II we could participate in such a great and glorious event which was his beatification. The whole world celebrated this day through a series of celebrations and events commemorating John Paul II. We are looking forward to canonization.



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