Easter in Poland

Easter in Poland

Easter or Pascha or Easter Sunday is the oldest and most important Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the week preceding it is called Holy Week. Easter is celebrated in Poland like in other countries, but this time is also related to typical Polish traditions.

Holy Saturday is a blessing of food what means preparation in every family in Poland of Easter Basket with food called Święconka and taken to the church for blessing. In the basket decorated with  boxwood leaves are placed eggs (the symbol of new life) in the form of colored eggs (Pisanki) and Easter eggs (Kraszanki), the lamb in special forms, formerly formed from butter or dough and then it was from sugar or chocolate with a banner with the word Hallelujah. Lamb symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Święconka also contains salt, which is protection against deterioration, bread, meats, horseradish, pepper, Easter cakes.

Easter also called Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday and  is the first day of the holidays. This morning in churches takes place Resurrection Mass, which is the first Mass of the Resurrection celebration. After Mass Polish families go home for Easter breakfast, which begins with wishes and sharing the Easter egg. On the Easter table are all blessed previous day meals and more. There are a lot of Polish typical Easter dishes, especially on the table you can find the Easter soup (żurek wielkanocny)with sausage, eggs, horseradish. Easter baked ham, eggs in various forms, stuffed, in salads, or beetroots cooked vegetable salad (ćwikła) and many delicious cakes, such as Easter cake (babka wielkanocna), cheesecake, mazurek.

Easter Monday called Dyngus Day or Wet Monday is the second day of Easter. This day we are pouring the water on others or even strangers for fun. This custom refers to the ancient pagan practices, which were related to the symbolic awakening of the nature to the life and yearly renewable of capacity of land to give birth.

Easter in Poland are mainly family holidays spending among relatives.

Happy Easter!



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