Zakopane 26.03.2011 – farewell of Adam Małysz with jumps

Zakopane 26.03.2011 – farewell of Adam Małysz with jumps


Today 26.03.2011 on the Wielka Krokiew in Zakopane took place a big event “Jump to the end” – farewell of Adam. The competition started at 16:00, but the whole day was dedicated to this event, to thank to Adam for a wonderful career and remembering the great moments of his career. Tickets for this event were sold out very quickly, over 21 000 fans could go to the hill and outside of the ski jumping hill gathered about 40 000 people.


The idea of this ​​competition was to estimate accuracy of jumps, before jumps each competitor spun the wheel, which indicated the distance at which a competitor has to land, for example: Simon Ammann drew 132 m and 120 m, Thomas Morgenstern 128 m and 130 m, Gregor Schlierenzauer 120 m and 130 m, Martin Schmitt 134 and 124 m, Kamil Stoch 122 m and  134 m, 126 Adam 126 and 130 m. If the ski jumper can land in a selected meter, he will receive one hundred points. For every meter of difference from the target he will receive 10 points less.

From the morning in Zakopane there was a great atmosphere, the crowds in the center of Zakopane, white and red everywhere, happiness, a lot of songs, everywhere visible mustache, a homage to Adam and his famous mustache, but it was as well nostalgic time,  because of the  end of the great age in the history of ski jumping, great man and legend is ending his career. Everyone was waiting for the last jump in the career of Adam. Great day, many of the attractions on the Wielka Krokiew, concerts, official thanks and farewell to Adam, the event was attended by many sportsman, famous people from the world of ski jumping, friends of Adam and many famous Poles. The event was attended by President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski, who personally thanked Adam for the wonderful 10 years.

Also today Adam at the ceremonial session of the Town Council  of Zakopane got the title of honorary citizen of the city.

But the weather like often during the World Cup cycle showed who is the boss. It was strongly snowing and therefore the contest was all the time postponed,  it was finally decided that the contest will take place at 19:00. And Adam said that if the weather does not allow to play the contest, he wants to jump the last time. The weather however had its own way and the competition was canceled, and the Polish president said, “Mr. Adam, we see, that the heavens do not want you to finish career. We also don’t want to! We would like to thank you for the emotions, which you provided. All of Poland saying goodbye to you with mustache. Also presidential mustache saying goodbye to you. Thank you! “

Finally at 19:00 a few jumpers jumped to pay the homage to Adam, and the last jumped Adam himself, that was his last jump in career, goodbye to ski jumping and this jump  was for all of us, his fans. And all the present jumpers and fans thanked him for the wonderful years full of successes but also failures.

We say goodbye to Adam, the Eagle from Wisła, the king of ski jumping, a great sportsman, who remained a modest man.

Adam thank you for everything and the last jump! Good luck!




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