The end of the 2010/2011 season in ski jumping

The end of the 2010/2011 season in ski jumping

This weekend, from 18 to 20 March 2011, took place last competition in the Ski Jumping World Cup in Planica in Slovenia. There were two individual contests and one team contest. The competition on the mammoth started on Friday with the individual contest, which won Gregor Schlierenzauer in beautiful style – 219m and 226m (450.9 points). Gregor, who is a great flyer, defeated his teammate Thomas Morgenstern – 217.5 m and 224m (448.1 points), and third place took also Austrian  Martin Koch, who landed on the 210m and 222.5 meters (433.8 points). It was a beautiful contest in which Austrians played a major role, who were again undefeated. Poles  presented themselves good in this competition, Adam Małysz – 201.5 m and 215.5 m (417.3 points) and Kamil Stoch – 206.5 m and 213.5 m (421.6 points) and they were on 8th and 7th place. Also in the top 30 we saw Piotr Żyła (190.5 m, 190.5 m), who took 26th place, and on the 30th place the competition finished Stefan Hula (190m, 173.5 m).

The next day was the team competition, which of course was won by the team from Austria. They were unattainable for anyone. With great jumps they won again the first place easily -Thomas Morgenstern (215.5 m, 232m), Gregor Schlierenzauer (220m, 209.5 m), Andreas Kofler (212m, 216.5 m) and Martin Koch (221.5 and 200.5 m). Second place was taken by the Norwegians with a loss of 135.5 points to Austrians – Anders Bardal 207.5 m and  212.5 m, Tom Hilde 200.5 m and 198.5 m, Bjoern-Einar Romoeren 198.5 m and 197.0 m, Johan Remen Evensen 201.5 m and 210.0 m. The third place unexpectedly was taken by Slovenian team, which caused great happiness to its fans, who were on the hill – Robert Kranjec 212.5 m and 223.5 m, Jurij Tepes  207.5 m and 206.0 m, Jernej Damjan 220.5 m and 186.5 m, Peter Prevc 180.5 m and 185.5 m. The Polish team lost the fight for the podium with the Slovenians and took 4th place. But the Poles also jumps very good, especially the second jump of Piort Żyła – 210 meters, which is a new record of life of that jumper. At the end of the competition Norwegian coach Mika Kojonkoski presented a surprise for everybody – he skied downhill on the landing slope and in this way he said goodbye to the ski jumping as a coach.

Sunday is the last competition in this year’s World Cup, the last  individual competition in this season and the last competition in the career of Adam Małysz. But the weather from the morning stared to show that she will be the main director of this show. Very strong wind was blowing, which interrupted training and allowed to carry out only one series of the competition. The competition ended wonderful and even unbelievably for the Polish team. With strongly blowing and changeable wind first place went to Kamil Stoch jumping on the distance of 215.5 m (217.3 points), second place after the longest jump in the competition took Slovenian Robert Kranjec 224.5 m (215.0 points), and at the lowest  step of podium came Adam Małysz, who gave last jump in his career at a distance of 216.0 m (203.6 points). Thanks to these jumps Polish team took third place in general classification  in the Nations Cup behind the unattainable team from Austria and team from Norway. However, Adam Małysz jumped to third place in the general classification of the World Cup 2010/2011 with 1153 pts. Crystal globe second time in the career won Thomas Morgenstern – 1757 points, on the second place was Simon Ammann – 1364 pts.

Of course, this last contest was full of many surprises prepared for a goodbye of Adam. The Polish team appeared in highlander dresses, and after the last jump of Adam they thanked him for his performances. Several jumpers from other countries showed up on the hill with a mustache. Also during the decoration some jumpers paid homage to Adam, kneeled down to him. And on his new skis Adam had prepared a special dedication from the company supplying equipment to him. On one ski there was written: “Goodbye Adam “, on the other “Thank you “. It was a day full of impressions and memories of many incredible moments in the career of the Eagle from Wisła. Goodbye was difficult, but we hope that with Adam’s leaving  Polish ski jumping will not be forgotten, and this what today showed Kamil  was a harbinger of the next great successes of the Poles in ski jumping and  today was another change of guard in the world of ski jumping.



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