Weekend with ski jumping in Lahti

Weekend with ski jumping in Lahti

This weekend in the Finnish town of Lahti, 12th and 13th of March, took place 2 more   competitions in the series of Ski Jumping World Cup. On Saturday was played the team competition, which once again won team from Austria. The rivalry for the podium lasted till the very end of the competition and was successful for Austria – Martin Koch (125m, 130.5 m), Andreas Kofler (124m, 125.5 m), Gregor Schlierenzauer (122.5 m, 123.5 m) and Thomas Morgenstern (126.5 m, 127.5 m). The Second was team from Norway – Tom Hilde (125,5 m, 129m), Anders Bardal (127m, 123.5 m), Johan Remen Evensen (125.5 m, 125m) and Anders Jacobsen (119m, 119m). The third place in competition after a stiff fight with German team took Poles – Adam Małysz (126.5 m and 131.5 m), Kamil Stoch (127m, 127.5 m), Piotr Żyła (118m, 119.5 m) and Tomasz Byrt (112 , 5m, 114m). This was the fourth podium in the history of the Polish team.


After his last jump Kamil Stoch did not hide his joy, and third place of the team summed up – “It’s a beautiful moment to stand with my colleagues on the podium, especially after such a competition like today, where you fight to the very end, you jump good and wait for the latter and for  the last moment with such a note of uncertainty. “

The second day of contest in Lahti was an individual competition, in which Swiss Simon Ammann triumphed. The competition took place in an equal conditions. Simon Ammann jumped twice equally on distance of 128.5 and 129.5 meters. Second place went to Andreas Kofler

(128m and 132 m), and third place to Severin Freund (128m and 130 m). Poles noted weaker performance, Kamil Stoch was on 9th place (123.5 m and 128.5 m), and Adam Małysz finished completion on 15th place (122m and 124m).


2010/2011 season is a special one, after the statement of Adam Małysz on the World Championships in Oslo about ending of his career this season, the end of  career announced as well Primoz Peterka from Slovenia. And contests in Lahti were last in the career of Janne Ahonen.



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