What is the Ski Jumping?

Ski Jumping 

by Maggie la Pachita 

Ski jumping is a discpline of winter sports plays on ski-jumping hills from the mid-nineteenth century. Its aim is to perform as long as possible jump after the dispersal and bounce on the threshold of the hill. On the biggest ski jumping hills  – mammoths, there are possible jumps over 200 m, such competition is called the ski-flying. The distance and the style of the jump are estimated.

Ski jumping discipline is exclusive sport, almost not available for amateurs. In many countries (including Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Japan, Poland) is a very popular to support ski jumpers.

Since 1924 men’s ski jumping competition is the Olympic discipline at normal hill, and since 1964 at large. World Championships have been played in this discipline since 1925 on a normal hills, from 1962 on the large. Since 1972 have been also held the World Championships in ski-flying, and from 1953 the prestigious Four Hills Tournament, and since 1979 a series of competitions that make up the World Cup.

Over the years technology has changed the jump. At the beginning ski jumpers jumped “standing”, waving their arms. In the twenties, began to adopt a more aerodynamic silhouette, leaning forward. After the war, in the fifties, they held hands raised before, but after some time, arrange them along the trunk, which is the norm today. The last great revolution was to change the settings of skis. It was started in 1985 by John Boklöv Swedish, who was the first with international success jumping style “V” (skis during flight are not parallel to each other, but form a V shape). It was only during the Olympic Games in Albertville in 1992 that the style “V” was considered permissible. This change made the jumps safer for the jumpers themselves (reduced speed of landing), and at the same time longer.

Each jump in that discipline is estimated on the basis of three numbers:

• points for distance

• notes for style

• bonus for a change of wind or a starting platform

Cycle of World Cup takes place mainly in Europe – Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, France. As well as in Japan or the USA.

This discipline is most popular in these countries, but jumpers from many countries are involved in this discipline, for example also from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Canada, South Korea, Slovakia, Bulgaria.

The most interesting figure of ski jumping was Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards – a British ski jumper, a pretender to the title of the worst ski-jumper in the history of ski jumping, who became famous for jumps average of 20-30 meters shorter than the other players. Jumped in correction-glasses, which imposed goggles, and his jumps were one of the reasons that the International Ski Federation put qualifications system to competition.



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