on the Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane on the Ski Jumping  World Cup in Zakopane

by Maggie La Pachita

From 21 till 23 of January 2011 were on the Ski Jumping  World Cup in Zakopane. As every year on the Wielka Krokiew in Zakopane met the best jumpers of the world, but as well this year was special for Zakopane, because this time there were three contests due to cancellation of competition in December in Harrachov.

First day of competition, which belongs to the World Cup overall standings, won  Adam Malysz with jumps 138.5 m and 128.5 m – 269.9 total points. It was his 39th victory of his career. After the victory on Friday’s contest Adam said – I feel great relief that after such a jump I won. You could say that I damage a second jump. I am glad that I triumphed here – Zakopane will be always  in my heart. Before I jump the fans were singing “Poland – White – Red.” I almost cried up there.

On the second day triumphed Swiss Simon Ammann 135.5 m in the first series and 129 m in the second, the total note 276.3. His victory in Zakopane he commented later at the conference – Jumping here is a wonderful thing. I’ve been waiting to win nearly a decade, I was trying all the time and to win in Zakopane was for me the unfulfilled dream. Here is always very difficult and it seemed to me that if I win here once, it’s gonna be something, but we keep competition on Sunday.

Sunday’s contest won unexpectedly Kamil Stoch, who jumped on the distance of 123 and 128 m with a total score of 254 points. This was the first victory in career of Stoch, which he commented: “I feel that my dreams start to come true. One of them was to win the competition in Zakopane, where I grew up, with such a wonderful audience, on this beautiful hill.

After the competitions in Zakopane the overall leader is Thomas Morgenstern from Austria – 1384 points, the second is the winner from Saturday Simon Ammann 953 points, third is Andreas Kofler – 915 4 points, and on the fourth place is still Adam Malysz – 835 points, despite the fall in the first series on Sunday’s contest .

The atmosphere on the Wielka Krokiew in Zakopane was amazing like every year, white and red tribunes, singing and dancing fans. Full of energy speakers encouraging to support. Great party, great jumps and three-day feast of ski jumping in the snowy Zakopane.







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